How Much Bitcoin Does Block Own?

Public Companies that Own Bitcoin

Entity Country Symbol:Exchange # of BTC Value Today % of 21m
Block, Inc. SQ:NYSE 8,027 8027 0.038%

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How Much Bitcoin Does Block Own?

Block (NYSE: SQ), a subsidiary of Block, Inc. owns 8,027 BTC. This accounts for 0.038% of the total bitcoin supply of 21 million(1).

What Does Block, inc. Do?

Square gives business owners a way of accepting credit cards. They offer tools and even equitable loans to give businesses access to funding. Their products and services are also compatible with hundreds of third-party companies to give businesses more opportunities to increase efficiency and growth(2).

Who Owns Block?

Jack Dorsey is the Head and Chairman of Block

Jim McKelvey is a current Director of Block, Inc.

Amrita Ahuja is Block’s acting CFO.

The Board of Directors consists of the following:

  • Roelof Botha, a partner at Sequoia Capital
  • Amy Brooks, the President of Team Marketing and Business Operations of the NBA and the NBA’s Chief Innovation Officer
  • Jay-Z
  • Paul Deighton, former UK Commercial Secretary of the Treasury
  • Jack Dorsey, cofounder of Block, Inc.
  • Randy Garutti, CEO of Shake Shack
  • Jim McKelvey, cofounder of Block, Inc. and LaunchCode
  • Mary Meeker, a general partner at BOND and former managing director and research analyst at Morgan Stanley
  • Sharon Rothstein, former Afterpay Director and Operating Partner at Stripes
  • Larry Summers, the 71st Secretary to the U.S. Department of the Treasury and current Charles W. Elliot University Professor and President Emeritus of Harvard University.
  • Darren Walker, the President of the Ford Foundation

Does Block Only Own Bitcoin?

At this time, Square’s parent company, Block, Inc. is only focused on Bitcoin. They have another subsidiary, Spiral, that builds open-source projects to integrate Bitcoin as a mainstream currency.

Does Block, Inc. Own Ethereum or Other Cryptocurrencies?

With Block Inc's CashApp bringing in a cool $41 million in profits in Bitcoin in the second quarter of 2022 alone, it is safe to say they are going to be sticking with what works. At this time their emphasis, in terms of cryptocurrency, is solely on Bitcoin.

Total of Bitcoins Owned by Entities

Category # of BTC Value Today % of 21m
ETFs 1025863.1921 1025863.1921 4.885%
Countries 566335.76 566335.76 2.697%
Public Companies 312154.4 312154.4 1.486%
Private Companies 525460 525460 2.502%
BTC Mining Companies 48978.4 48978.4 0.233%
Defi 155986 155986 0.743%

Learn More About Other Entities Owning Bitcoin

Entity Country # of BTC Value Today
178 178.31
9,644 9644.202
6,148 6148.0
1,237 1237.369
7,174.7 7174.72
8,561 8561.11
36,092 36092.44
48,364 48364.13
160,620 160620
283,204.9 283204.89
200,000 200000
5,748.76 5748.76
289,500 289500.04
8,872 8872
9,109 9109
75,354 75354
8,100 8100
9,000 9000
17,631 17631
8,027 8027
9,720 9720

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